Am I Suffering From Panic Attacks?

19 April 2009

Heart Problem, Hand Sweating, Hard Breathing, Feeling Hot, Dizzy, and Overwhelmed, Intense Fear

Is one of these symptoms happen to you recently? If the answer is "YES", then you may currently exposing with Panic Attack.

What is this sensation? Where is it coming form? If you have experienced similar sensations in the past and especially if you have begun changing your life and routine in the fear of experiencing it again, you may be suffering from Panic Attacks.


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Common Panic Attack Symptoms

Eventhough Many people get panic attacks regularly, the panic attack symptoms do not occur the same for each individual person. If you want to treat your panic attacks, it's important to note down your own panic attack symptoms so you can create a plan to end panic attack effectively.

Feeling unable to BREATHE???

One very common panic attack symptom is feeling like you are unable to breathe. This may lead to other panic attack symptoms, such as feeling dizzy or like you are going to pass out. That's why it's really important for you when you get a panic attack to deeply breathe in and out through your nose, slowly and rhythmically. This can be helpful, the feeling that you are being smothered, or are choking, is one of the most unfortunate panic attack symptoms.

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What Is a Panic Attack?

Panic attacks generally pop up suddenly in the form of intense anxiety. You become fearful, feeling very unwell and uncomfortable about yourself and your life. Panic attacks have many different symptoms -- depending on both your physiology and mindset.

Are you feeling unwell and uncomfortable as if you are having intense anxiety?

When you're having a panic attack, your body would release "Adrenaline" because you and your brain believe that you are in harmful situation. You probably feel very scared and upset. Unfortunately, these panic attacks can be with you anywhere from only a minute to well over hours.

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